Reduce Waste and Costs with Re-Coatable Silicone Rollers

A better solution is now available


Silicone rubber rollers are an extremely popular tool used in many different processes including hot stamp and heat transfer decoration, heat sealing of products and many more industrial uses.

With time, the silicone on these rollers wears out and needs to be replaced.

Previously, this meant the entire roller (including the more costly metal core) needed to be thrown away and the roller replaced.

Now CER can offer a better solution that simultaneously reduces WASTE and COSTS.

CER´s re-coatable silicone rubber rollers enable users to simply package up worn out rollers and ship them to CER. We will use our proprietary silicone-to-metal bonding process to apply a new silicone coating to your roller. Customers pay only for shipping and the cost of the new roller coating.

Because the metal core is the most expensive part of the roller- this generates significant cost savings. With this approach- machined metal cores can be reused- reducing both waste and expense.

For smaller rollers- cost savings may be close to 50%. For larger rollers, cost savings can be as high as 250%!

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