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CER stands out as a one-stop-shop for spirit packaging decoration. We provide systems, consumable foils/inks/tooling, inline integration of related processes.

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Spirit & Liqueur Bottles

CER allows spirit brands to stand out with distinctive, high-quality decoration by offering control over 100% of the decoration process. We work closely with industry-leading partners to provide superior process support (inline screen printing through the final hot stamp or heat transfer decorated product). In addition to stamping equipment, we can provide all consumables (inks, foils, dies and fixtures) as well as integrated quality control.


Typical applications include:

  • Square bottles
  • Round bottles
  • Oval bottles
  • Up to 360° decoration
  • All sizes- travel up to large

CER provides highly flexible closure decoration systems that allow for up to 360° multi-color decoration on both the side and top of closures. Our systems print graphics, text and bands onto closures with 100% registration accuracy at speeds of over 8,000 parts/hour.


Typical applications include:

  • Aluminum closures (coated)
  • Plastic closures (coated or uncoated)
  • Top and side decoration
  • 360° decoration
Fragrance containers

CER provides a complete solution for elegant fragrance bottle decoration. We can create a highly-repeatable decoration with strong visual impact that will allow your brand to stand out in this competitive market.


Our expertise includes:

  • Both manual and automated decorating systems
  • Primer application and optimization
  • All required consumables


Typical applications include:

  • Flat Bottles
  • Round Bottles
  • Oval Bottles
  • Square Bottles

Dedicated Features & Services


Semi- and Fully-Automated systems

Any required pre-processes (screen printing), part handling, decoration and quality control.

Close Relationships with Industry-Leading Providers

Superior performance in every step of decoration process, all from a single source.

We work with industry´s very top suppliers ensuring every element of your decorating systems is of top quality.

Screen Print Primer & Specialty Foils

Designed for superior performance at high speeds

Our screen print primer is specially designed to optimize hot stamp performance. We can fully integrate screen printing into your decoration line. Our specialty foils are designed for superior performance at speeds of up to 8,000 parts/hour.

Integrated Quality Control

Expert artwork control system

DecoSystem CVR and CVI registration and quality control vision systems ensure 100% quality decoration.

Magnetic Quick Change Dies

Closure Decoration

Up to 90x faster die changeovers. Up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy. Learn more about our dies.

Integrated Screen Printing & Hot Stamp Decoration

Bottle Decoration

Screen print and hot stamp integrated in a single line for better speed, stability and 100% control of the decoration process. Screen printing inks designed for superior hot stamp adhesion as well as expert insights into optimized processes.


Spirit Bottle & Lid Decoration Challenges

Industry Challenges: We understand the challenges commonly associated with spirits packaging decoration. CER´s customer or technical support staff can provide insight on the following topics:


  • Glass Bottle Decoration
    • How to efficiently integrate screen printing and hot stamp decoration (quality screen printing ink, proper curing, superior adhesion) to ensure superior visual impact.
  • Closure Decoration
    • How to ensure precision registration of up to 0,2 mm at high speeds.
  • Both Bottle & Closure Decoration
    • How to ensure durable print with mechanical and chemical resistance capable of standing up to freezer, abrasion and vibration testing.
We would love to learn more about your spirits product decoration challenge