Decoration Designed to Withstand Challenging Environments

Total Decorating Solutions: Systems, Consumables, and Specialized Product Handling

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Counter Wheels

CER has specialized solutions for decorating counter wheels. We know how to deliver durable print with superior chemical, weather and friction resistance. We can ensure precision registration without damaging a wheel. Our total solution (which includes specialized tooling) is capable of processing 3,200 pieces per hour.

Typical applications include:

  • Gas Counter Wheels
  • Water Counter Wheels

CER has developed specialized solutions for the tool market. Our machines and custom tooling designs address the challenging contours, raised (aka “tipping”) or recessed decorating surfaces that are often seen on tool applications. The resulting high-quality, durable decoration beautifully highlights the product brand or model. Our high-quality foils and expert color matching services further empower tool brands.

Typical applications include:

  • Tool Housings
  • Tool Storage (tool boxes)
  • Tool Accessories
  • Hand Tools
Reusable Containers

Different reusable container applications often have significantly different printing requirements. CER has decades of experience identifying the optimal decoration solution for each application driven by container/decorating area dimensions, end user adhesion specifications and production requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Waste & Environmental Containers
  • Pallets
  • Trays, Crates, Totes & Bins

Dedicated Features& Services

Precision Tooling Expertise

  • The foundation of successful hot stamp decoration.
  • The fixture holds the part in place, supports the part from the pressure required in the stamping area and also locates/positions the part for repeatability.

Superior Product Handling

We understand the ergonomics for handling

  • Large/heavy pallets
  • Small delicate counter wheels

Innovative Dies

  • Our stamping dies are made with a silicone specially designed to withstand the high temperatures often associated with industrial applications.
  • Our innovative metal dies are designed to overcome the challenging contours found in many industrial product decoration applications.


Industrial Product Decoration Challenges

We understand the challenges commonly associated with industrial product decoration. CER´s customer or technical support staff can provide insight on the following topics:


  • Durability
    • How to ensure decoration solution is durable and capable or providing highly durable decoration.
  • Foil/Heat Transfer & Die Selection
    • How to select dies and hot stamp foil and/or heat transfer labels for optimal performance in your unique application.
  • Changeovers
    • How to reduce changeover times with a variety of quick-change features.
We would love to learn more about your industrial product decoration challenge