Silicone Fixtures Market Leader

At CER, we are proud of our reputation as the market-leader in precision fixtures.

Several features of our Silicone Part Holding Fixtures are unique-in-the-market and provide key performance benefits.

Benefits Superior Seals, Less Hassle

Our Silicone Part Holding Fixtures precisely align your rigid packaging component with the lidding film and metal seal head for repeatable, high-quality seals. Additional benefits include:

Eliminate Leakers

Our continuous silicone avoids “leakers” caused by extruded silicone lengths that are joined together.

Hassle Free

Our thermally conductive formulations are heat tolerant up to 288°C. They will not become “gummy” or “sticky” when exposed to heat seal temperatures.

Superior Bond

Our proprietary silicone-to-metal bonding process provides unmatched adhesion without the need for cumbersome adhesives.

Repeatable Performance

Our part holding fixtures are custom molded for superior precision.

Eliminate Need for Teflon Tape

Teflon Bonded Silicone

Our Teflon Bonded Silicone is an adhesive-free alternative to Teflon tape, providing several key advantages:


  • Operators do not need to handle very hot fixtures to install or change Teflon tape

Time Savings

  • Lasts 7x longer than Teflon tape
  • Faster changeovers (see video)
  • Unmatched adhesion
  • No need for adhesives

Enhanced Seal Integrity

  • Resistant to contamination (food contamination, thick film, product dust or particulate)
  • Helps reduce leakers
  • Thermally conductive for improved heat transfer

Each Silicone Holding Fixture is painstakingly designed to meet unique application requirements. We offer both bonded and unbonded (commonly referred to as gaskets)  part holding fixture solutions.

Bonded Part Holding Fixtures

We can build a complete bonded fixture or use your existing base to create a part holding fixture designed for optimal performance in your application.

  • Using Your Fixture Base
    Proprietary, adhesion free process to bond our high performance silicone or Teflon/Silicone to your metal fixture
  • Entire Bonded Fixture
    We can design the most efficient fixture design for your application. We CNC engrave steel, stainless steel or aluminum bases with coating options prior to applying our silicone formulation.
Seal Head for rigid packaging
Unbonded (Gasket) Part Holding Fixtures

We offer unbonded silicone gaskets as well as unbonded metal holding fixture bases.

  • Unbonded Silicone Gasket
    Advanced, continuous silicone parts prepared with T-slot or mushroom mount features on the underside for simplified attachment to your fixture base.
  • Unbonded Metal Base
    CNC engraved steel, stainless steel or aluminum bases.
Foundations & Formulations

We offer a wide range of foundations and formulations to ensure our part holding fixtures are designed for optimal performance in your unique application. Choose from steel, stainless steel and aluminum bases in three different high heat endurance silicone formulations.

We would love to create the ideal Part Holding Fixture for your application!