Identify Color & Adhesive

We start each project by consulting our comprehensive catalogue to see if the color you need is readily available. If not- we begin our color matching process to ensure we create precisely the color you need. At the same time, we also identify the type of adhesive you will need for your particular substrate in order to ensure true color performance and superior adhesion.

Color Swatch

Having found or created the precise color you need – we send you a 200mm x 95mm swatch so that you can confirm color accuracy. We can also provide recommendations on the best adhesive (range) for your application so that you can apply your swatch to your part.

Pre-Series Roll

Once precision color matching is confirmed, we highly recommend obtaining a pre-series roll of foil. Running foil at high speeds off a roll allows more precise performance confirmation than can be achieved by spot testing a swatch.  We want to ensure that your color match and foil performance precisely meet your expectations in true production environments.

Industrial Jumbo Roll

Once precision color match is confirmed (swatch) and real-life implementation tested (pre-series roll) – we can provide jumbo rolls that reduce the required replacement frequency. We will work with you to define the optimal precision slitting service for your project. CER can provide:

  • Metallic Foils reel: up to 1500 linear meters in length
  • Pigmented Foils reel:  Up to 1000 linear meters in length
Color Matching Department
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Our expert foil color match team can precisely produce your desired decoration color. Please get in touch to learn more about our color matching and adhesive expertise or about our color swatch, pre-series industrial jumbo roll services.