Silicone Heads for Superior Seals

In instances where satisfactory seals have not been achieved with metal heads and silicone holding fixtures or instances where part or machine geometry complicates the use of silicone holding fixtures – Silicone Seal Heads can replace metal heads with a number of key performance advantages.


Silicone Seal Heads, used as part of a tooling set along with metal part holding fixtures, provide superior heat sealing performance – reduced leakers!

Our Silicone Seal Heads provide a wide variety of additional benefits, including:

Highly repeatable Silicone Seal Heads, Custom molding utilizing CNC engraved tools.

Fast Changeovers

Magnetic, quick-change mounting formats, Up to 90 x faster silicone head changeover speeds.

Enhanced Accuracy

Up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy with magnetic mounting system.


Our team designs patterns to optimize results for each unique application. Patterns are molded directly onto Silicone Seal Heads in multiple reliefs and heights.

Thermal Performance

Heat tolerant up to 288° C, Thermally Conductive, Thermosil® formulation offers very fast heat recovery.

Silicone-to-Metal Bond

Proprietary Process, Unmatched adhesion, No need for adhesives.

Teflon-to-Metal Bond

Alternative to wrapping tools with Teflon tape, Lasts 7x longer, Reduces changeover time while enhancing seal integrity.


At CER, each Silicone Seal Head is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each application. We produce flat, contoured and multi-level Silicone Seal heads in both disposable and re-coatable formats for use in our system or competitor systems. We offer three different silicone formulations (in 40-90 durometer Shore A) each specially designed to withstand the temperatures and pressures of the heat seal process.


Character Height (A)

  • 035″ and 065″ relief, standard
  • Custom reliefs available

Silicone Thickness (B)

  • 3/32″ is used for .035″ relief dies
  • 1/8″ is used for .065″ relief dies
  • Custom thickness available

Aluminum Thickness (C)

  • 1/8″ is standard -1/32″, 1/16″, 1/4″ available
  • Deadsoft – Aluminum, easily formed

22″L x 25″ W maximum size


We would love to create the ideal seal head for your application!