Expertise: Our Team

The CER engineering team has a combined total of over 110 years of decoration expertise.  What sets us apart is our expertise in delivering unmatched precision in decoration and part handling.

Expertise: Market-Leading Precision Engineering

You can see our stand-out expertise in every phase of system development including:

  • Product Concept Consulting
    • (product design for optimal decoration)
  • Artwork Development or Tweaking
  • Foil Performance Evaluation
  • Die Selection/Design/Creation
  • Tooling Design/Creation
  • System Selection/Design/Creation

  • Industry-Leading Product Handling
    • (fragile parts at high speeds)
  • Precision Artwork Placement
  • Vision Systems
  • Quality Qualification
    (onsite Testing & Documentation)
  • Training
  • Technical Support
    (onsite and remote diagnostics)


PRECISION Engineering

CER has earned a reputation for superior product handling. In addition to precision product placement for highly repeatable decoration, this also ensures superior handling of delicate parts at very high speeds.

When comparing suppliers- be sure to ask about their tolerance ranges for high-speed printing in-motion. CER stands out in the market for advanced control of servo drivers- allowing us to completely control product trajectories and speeds. This allows us to provide unmatched tolerances of up to +/-10 microns in-motion on high speed lines.


Our expertise in hot stamping and heat transfer decoration is both broad and deep. With superior consumables, standard and customized dies/fixtures/tooling, high-precision systems and integrated elements like screen printing primer and vision quality control – CER is truly a One-Stop-Shop for your product decoration needs.

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Engineering Team
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Please tell us about your application. Our Precision Engineering Team is ready to build a solution carefully optimized for superior performance and efficiency in your application.