Art Modification

Combining our expertise in graphic arts with our deep familiarity with real-life decorating challenges, we are experts at setting up your art work in a way that ensures your vision is consistently and completely delivered. We modify your art for optimal performance by:

Accounting For

  • Textured surfaces
  • Part countours
  • Substrate requirements
  • Machine type

Adapting Artwork For

  • CNC machine engraved silicone, steel and brass dies

To Achieve

  • Desired line weights
  • Ensure tiny gaps don´t fill in
  • Legibility on even the smallest design aspects
Foil Development

Film plays a central role in the development of quality hot stamping dies. At CER we create thermal film with the latest technology in order to produce superior stamping dies.

Full Art Proofs

We provide full art proofs with every project. Having a comprehensive overview of full artwork as well as die sizes and other key project information allows for a more thorough review prior to production. Full proofs also simplify reordering.

Art Spec Guidelines

Do you need assistance turning your artwork into hot stamp reality? We would love to help.

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Art Department
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How can we help you ensure your artwork is optimized for highly repeatable hot stamp performance?