Our Fixtures

CER has earned a reputation as the market-leader in precision fixtures. We provide a complete line of die and part holding fixtures for hot stamp and heat transfer.

Our fixtures work on United Silicone and competitor equipment in both manual and automated systems.

Unique Solution

Users no longer have to chose between precision alignment and ease of use.

The experts in our fixtures department have a painstakingly thorough process that ensures market-leading precision alignment.

At the same time, we also lead the market in providing holding fixtures that allow for quick changeovers and ease of use.

For example, our Magnetic Quick Change die is unique-in-the-industry providing

  • Up to 90 x faster die changeover speeds.
  • Up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy in some instances

Fixture Types

Die Holding & Part Holding Fixtures

Complete Fixture Sets

The principle two features in hot stamp fixtures (tooling set) are the die holding fixture (also commonly referred to as Die Mounting Blocks) and the part holding fixture. These two pieces come together and sandwich the die in a way that ensures precision alignment time-after-time. When dies, die holding fixtures and part holding fixtures are manufactured together as a matched set- optimal accuracy and quality is achieved.

Die Holding Fixtures

Die holding fixtures (also referred to as die mounting blocks) firmly grasp the stamping die at the precise angle necessary to ensure quality decoration. Die holding fixtures also provide the support behind the die to ensure it does not shift under the stress of stamping pressure.

Learn more about available die holding fixture options including our unique-in-the-industry “Magnetic” die holding fixtures that provide industry-leading repeatability and changeover speeds.

tech support
  • Flat, Contoured or Multi-level
  • Aluminum or Steel
  • Traditional (holes), Magnetic or Dovetail Mounting
  • Heated (provides quicker, more efficient heat transfer to the die surface)
  • Mounting Options- screw, dovetail, type holder, magnetic
Part Holding Fixtures

Also referred to as “nesting fixtures”, part holding fixtures support the part to be decorated securely at precisely the right angle necessary to achieve quality, repeatable decoration.

Our fixtures are available in aluminum, derlin, nylon or steel.

Learn more about available part holding fixture options.

Additional Fixture Elements

In addition to the die holding fixture and part holding fixture- several other elements can be included in a complete tooling or fixture set. These components play a role in ensuring precision alignment, greater operator ease and faster changeovers.

  • Jackscrews
  • Alignment Pins
  • Part Present Sensors

  • Vacuum Hold Down
  • Spring Loaded
  • XY and XYR Positioning Tables

We would love to help you identify the ideal die and part holding fixtures for your application.