CER Screen Print Primer

Our screen print primer has been specially formulated to optimize hot stamping performance on glass containers. It can be laid down with precision at high speeds, ensuring superior foil adhesion and quality visual impact. We offer a both brown and grey colored primers for gold and silver foil respectively. We also offer a range of additives to ensure performance is optimized for your unique application. We can match any color pantone or use our software to make your own color selection.

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Inks for screen printing

We go a step further than offering a specialized screen print primer. Our deep familiarity with the entire decoration process allows us to provide expert insights into the types of additives (to harden, thicken or dilute) that will provide optimal performance on your unique application. We also provide expert insights into identifying specific settings (like curing intensity and hot stamp printing temperature) that will ensure superior adhesion for your unique application.

One Stop Shop

In addition to providing a highly specialized primer and expert advise in how to best use in your application, we have very close relationships with leading screen print technology providers. We can work with them to seamlessly integrate the screen print process with your hot stamping process for a total decorating solution.

Would you like to request a sample of our primer or learn more CER expertise in integrating this step into your line? We would love to hear from you.