Perhaps the Solution You Need is Already In Front of You?

For projects requiring an existing line overhaul to accommodate the decoration of a different part, strategic equipment retrofits can be an ideal solution. CER will partner with you to retrofit existing equipment so it can adapt to your evolving needs.

Have your decoration requirements evolved? Do you need to achieve different throughput rates? Do you need to accommodate different part geometries? Do you need a new approach to product handling? Why start from zero when your existing technology can be reworked specifically to address your new needs.

How Does it Work?

Each retrofit project is unique. CER will always begin by conducting an exhaustive study of all critical system elements. We change and update obsolete electronic parts and adapt your equipment for your new project. Steps often include – complete disassemble, cleaning, painting, and updating all motors and software before reassembling. Systems can then be updated with custom tooling and all required features.


retrofit hot stamp equipment
Benefits of Retrofit Equipment

There are many powerful advantages to retrofit hot stamp equipment and heat transfer machines. Three of the most powerful benefits are cost savings, time savings and environmental impact.

Cost Savings

The cost savings associated with equipment retrofits will vary according to the scope of changes required. On average, costs will be at least 30% lower and sometimes up to 50% lower than new builds.

Time Savings

Retrofit equipment is an excellent time saving tool. Often retrofits can be completed in as little as 12-15 weeks. This is a much shorter timeframe than the 25-30 weeks sometimes required for new custom built machines.

Environmental Impact

Up and down supply chains- there is a growing need to take a greener approach to our systems. Retrofitting existing equipment greatly reduces waste and therefor environmental impact.

Applicable System Elements

Many elements of existing systems can be retrofitted to meet evolving needs. This list includes:

  • Registration and Quality Control Vision Systems
  • Tooling
  • Electrical elements
  • Programs
  • Pick and Place
  • And much more ….
Quality Guaranteed

The same best-in-class quality standards CER applies to our custom built systems are used for CER retrofits. To show our confidence in quality performance, CER offers a 6-month warranty on retrofitted systems.

5 star service

CER makes sure that operators are trained and up-to-date on the last technologies installed on your equipment.

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