Our Dies Market-Leading Range

Our extensive range of die technologies includes:

Silicone Dies

  • Flat, Contoured, Crowned, Multi-Level
  • Single or Dual Durometer
  • Photo-etched and Machine Engraved
  • Die Finishing
  • Traditional and Magnetic Mounting Formats
Hot stamp engraved brass dies

Metal Dies

  • Steel, Brass
  • Flat and Contoured
  • Die Finishing
  • Traditional and Magnetic Mounting Formats
We Can Help You
Eliminate Voids

Eliminate voids with our innovative texturing tool (link to die dept.) and raised dies (link to die dept).

Produce Precision Molds

Our CNC machine engraved molds with contoured or crowned surfaces perfectly match part shapes/configurations.

We Provide

1- to 4-day die service
Our large die capacity enables CER to provide fast turnaround on many die orders.

Market-Leading Changeovers
Our unique-in-the-industry Magnetic provide:
o Up to 90 x faster die changeover speeds (restart production in under 5 minutes)
o Up to 50% improvement in mounting accuracy
o  Enhanced operator safety

Silicone Dies

Superior Thermal Conductivity and Silicone-to-Metal Bond

CER produces durable, high-precision silicone dies that deliver crisp, clean, impactful decoration to your part. Silicone rubber dies are used to hot stamp foil and heat transfers onto flat, contoured or cylindrical-shaped products.

Our dies provide excellent thermal conductivity, superior conformity to surface variations and high-impact visual performance with wide range of foils.

Silicone Die Benefits

CER dies provide many benefits including:

  • Ability to conform to surface variations
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Specific heat conduction properties (with different silicone formulations)
  • Reduced stamping pressure required (compared to Metal Dies)
  • High impact visual performance with metallic, pigment, prismatic or holographic foils
Silicone Die Benefits - CER

CER has stand out expertise in:

  • Quick and precise changeovers – unique Magnetic Die Mounting Systems
  • Superior silicone-to-metal bond
  • Graphic Art expertise – avoid lost in translation errors
  • Die finishing service for “ready to use” dies
Silicone Die Formats

Our wide variety of die formats allows CER to identify a solution ideally suited to your unique application.


  • Flat
  • Contoured
  • Crowned
  • Multi-Level


  • Machine engraved


  • Single durometer
  • Dual durometer
  • Durometer range from 60-95 – Shore A Scale


Metal Dies

Premium Embossed Visual Impact

Metal dies provide excellent heat transfer characteristics for applications requiring an embossed appearance on flexible materials.

Metal Die Benefits: General

Benefits of metal dies include:

  • Premium embossed visual impact
  • High durability, long life
  • Excellent heat recovery for high speed applications
  • Compatible with substrates such as paper and fabrics and challenging surface finishes (textures)
Metal Die Benefits: CER

CER provides:

  • Market-leading fine graphics (details as small as 0.7mm point type possible on brass dies)
  • Complete die finishing services
  • Graphic Art expertise to eliminate “lost in translation” errors
  • Quick and precise changeovers – unique Magnetic Die Mounting Systems
Metal Die Formats

CER manufactures brass and steel dies in various formats to best meet the performance, budget and timeline requirements of each application. Recommended substrates include acetal, cardboard and leather


  • Flat
  • Contoured


  • Brass
  • Steel


  • Machine engraved

Silicone vs. Metal Dies

Which die material is best for my application?

Good question. Our application specialists would love to discuss your unique application with you and share our expert insights.

Here is a short answer When selecting a die material, use the following guideline:
Rigid substrate

Flexible, rubber die

Flexible substrate

Rigid, metal die

We would love to help you identify the ideal die a for your application