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Automatic machine for hot stamp decoration of cosmetic caps

  • Parts separator
  • Numerical tooling
  • Follow-up stripper
  • B2 heating module
  • Double foil feed
  • Y adjustable on rolling
  • CVI camera control – 20 mm height
  • Selective ejection
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Automatic machine for hot stamp decoration of cosmetic bottles


  • Front feeding and ejection belt with part separator
  • M2N loading system with 180° orientation
  • Numercial X-roller
  • Double adjustable feeding system : 1500 m (electro-pneumatic tension)
  • Printing support with inflation
  • Numerical roller support
  • Bell lock for undefined registering direction
  • B6 heating head adjustable front/rear
  • M2N ejection system
  • Modem

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Automatic machine for caps and closures

  • 90 mm wide belt
  • Gripper or suction cup on loading manipulator
  • Roller head with AFIC and numerical system of pulling with possibility of flat unwinding head with numerical foil advance.
    Quality control by camera
  • Selective ejection on 90 mm wide belt.
  • Speed level : up to 95 ppm
  • Parts’ specifications :

Maximum length 75mm
Minimum length 10mm
Ømaxi 90mm with flat die
Ømini 10mm with flat die
Ømaxi 90mmwith roller
Ømini 10mm with roller

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