Skilled Operator Status

Training Sessions focus on theoretical as well as technical skills. Hot stamping and silkscreen printing processes, ergonomics, machine operations and best practices are covered.

Deming PDCA Cycle

Our training process is based on the Deming PDCA cycle.
1- Planning (“Plan”): together with the client, we carefully analyze needs and formalize specific training requirements, objectives and expectations for each session given specific customer needs.

2- Action  (“Do”): after defining a detailed program with the client, we carry out the training action in accordance with the expectations previously set with our client and each attendee.

3- Verification (“Check”): at the end of the training, each attendee completes a “hot” questionnaire with personal comments about the completed session.  This will be analyzed to allow us to continue to fine tune our training program to meet evolving needs.

4- Follow Up (“Act”): following client follow up conversations, we identify any additional steps that could support process improvements. Six months after the training is completed, a “cold” questionnaire is completed by participants indicating the level of success trainees have had implemented their new skills. Additional resources are provided if continued support is needed.

Training Resources

We provide a wide variety of training resources including:
1. User Manuals
Specific to each machine (used by attendees during and after training sessions).
2. Hot Stamping Course Material
This includes an overview of hot stamping process as well as a list of stamp and consumable (die and foils) settings.
3. Training Videos
An instruction video is available for each of our systems as well as for key supporting technologies.

Training Benefits
Customer benefits include:
  • Hot stamping system optimization
  • Superior product decoration
  • Reduced production costs
  • Improved work flow
  • Improved employee skills and safety
In-House Training – Overview

Training at CER starts immediately. When customers perform an onsite technical review of new equipment, professional training is included. Our training goes beyond system use and maintenance.  We study factors like specific application and environmental challenges, the skill level of your team and frequency of employee turnover at your location to provide training targeted to specific customer needs.

In-House Training – Benefits

There are many benefits to full day and multi-day training sessions at our Oyonnax, France location including:

  • Access to wide range of hot stamp and heat transfer equipment, graphic files and consumables
  • Access to specialized experts who can address every step in the product decoration process and provide insights about your specific application
  • Access to the very latest hot stamp and heat transfer technologies – learn what upgrades are available and what they can do for your unique application
  • Far from daily distractions – focused training opportunity
Customer Facility Training

Can’t come to Oyonnax?  No problem. We will send a specialist to you. Every time we install a system, we provide a full training session. We also provide onsite trainings when customers wish to upgrade their skills, adapt to a new application or address the challenges of staff turnover.

At your facility we are able to get a clear understanding of the unique challenges tied to your specific application.

Customer Facility Training - Benefits

Training sessions at your facility provide many benefits- including:

  • A more cost-effective approach for training a larger number of people
    • Our experts regularly devote a full week to training on newly install systems.
  • Training can be arranged by segment in order to give each team member more in-depth instruction on the hot stamp/heat transfer skills they need (for example die selection and placement, product handling, etc)
  • Training on every aspect of product decoration including: system set up, production settings, product changeovers, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
Our Training Expert
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We tailor our training audits to your specific production environment and application. Would you like to learn more about our process or equipment training services?