Product Decoration Machines

CER hot stamp and heat transfer equipment is known for providing precision decoration with superior repeatability. Our machines decorate plastic, aluminum, glass and other surfaces in a wide variety of shapes. We offer a range of options to best address customer needs including – custom, inventory, second-hand, rental and retrofit systems.

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Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer Decorating Equipment

CER provides a complete range of hot stamp and heat transfer equipment. Our systems come in both standard and custom formats and can be used as stand-alone units or as part of larger automated systems.

Our machines decorate on numerous substrates- most commonly plastic, aluminum or glass.

We decorate products in a number of shapes including – cylindrical, conical, flat, square, oval and more.

Our equipment is known for delivering highly repeatable precision decoration at very high speeds with superior efficiency and reliability. Many of our hot stamp and heat transfer machines are completely unique-in-the market.

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ITW CER is widely regarded as an industry leader in high-speed rotary and linear automations for hot stamp and heat transfer decoration. We have over 80 years’ experience producing thousands of automated solutions.

Our equipment, robust project management and targeted market-specific expertise allow us to provide automations tailor-made for optimal performance on your unique application. We have especially deep expertise in the design of automated systems for cosmetic, fragrance, spirits, closures and automotive applications.

Elements frequently incorporated into automated systems include screen printing, loading feeders, feeding diverters, vision quality control and outbound conveyers.

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heat transfer foil equipment
Equipment Options

While a majority of our systems our custom-made, ITW CER does also provide select models from inventory for projects on a tight timeline. We can adjust these bases adding custom tooling, material handling, vision systems, foil advance and other elements. We also provide options for equipment rental as well as second hand machine purchases.


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CER Accessories provide the same superior quality that you expect from our equipment and consumables and help ensure you get the maximum benefit from CER equipment.

We provide:

  • Registration & Quality Control Vision Systems
  • Foil Cutting Machines
  • Mascara bottle dispenser
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