Automated Cap Decoration

DIAX-2M2N: A Cost-Effective Solution



Automated cap decoration:
What kind of hot stamp decoration is possible on cosmetic closures?

Automated cap decoration is a cost-effective solution for closures. CER provides hot stamp decoration on both the tops and sides of a wide range of cosmetic closures.


What types of products does the DIAX-2M2N hot stamp machine decorate?

The DIAX-2M2N can decorate both plastic and aluminum closures in cylindrical formats. Alternative versions of the DIAX (The DIAX-2M2N Con and the DIAX F Con) can decorate both cylindrical and conical shaped closures. The DIAX is a prime example of the type of decoration support that CER provides the cosmetic market.  CER also provides machines, supplies and services to decorate cosmetic bottles and packages in many shapes and sizes.

What is the DIAX-2M2N hot stamp machine?

The simple and highly efficient DIAX system is a cosmetic industry mainstay for cost-effective, high-speed decoration of cylindrical and conical closures.

As much as 40% more cost-effective than similar systems, the mono mandrel DIAX offers speeds of up to 2,500 parts per hour. The DIAX has proven durability and reliability – some systems have been running for over 25 years.


What are the main features of the DIAX hot stamp machine?

1. Superior Decoration
Highly repeatable decoration quality at speeds of up to 2,500 parts per hour

2. Small Footprint
The small size of the DIAX-2M2N means it is up to 30% less bulky than comparable alternative hot stamping systems. This makes the DIAX-2M2N easy to integrate into crowded production areas.

3. Cost Effective
The DIAX-2M2N represents a unique combination of a cost-effective system that offers high speeds reduces production costs. The DIAX-2M2N is up to 40% less expensive than alternative hot stamp systems that offer the same printing speed.

4. Durability & Reliability
Customers who have had the DIAX-2M2N for over 25 years can attest to this system´s outstanding durability.  This highly reliable system with industry-leading product life provides maximum up-time efficiency.

Additional Features

There are a wide range of additional features for the DIAX. These include:

  • Simplified Tooling Change
  • Electric Rewinding
  • Electro-pneumatic Foil Tension
  • Single Mandrel Machine
  • High Accuracy – Scrap rate less than 3%
  • Remote Assistance
  • Touch Screen

What additional options are available with the DIAX-2M2N?

A wide range of additional options are available for the DIAX-2M2N including an optional cleaning system or optional silicone roller. Additionally, the DIAX-2M2N has the flexibility to run heat transfer ribbon.


What products and services does CER offer for cosmetic cap decoration?


CER provides everything a cosmetic or personal care brand or supplier could need for product decoration. Our services range from concept support through completed product handling. We have a wide range of systems, supplies and services uniquely tailored to supporting cosmetic brands.

We offer a range of supporting products such as the SF600 Mascara Bottle Dispenser.  CER also provides a range of consumable supplies – optimized for performance in the DIAX machine. These supplies include magnetic and standard stamping dies, silicone rollers and hot stamp foils.


What types of cosmetic and personal care brands and suppliers does CER work with?

For over 50 years CER has partnered with many of the world’s leading cosmetic and personal care brands as well as top industry suppliers.

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