Decoration of Spirit Closures

Ultimax-A-CVR-CVI: High-speed hot stamp machine for decoration of spirit closures


What kind of hot stamp decoration is possible on closures?

CER provides hot stamp decoration on both the tops and sides of spirit and liquor closures. Up to 360 degree decoration can be applied to both aluminum closures (in coated formats) and to plastic closures (in both coated and uncoated formats). An optional top embossing system is also available to enhance the product.

What types of products does the ULTIMAX A-CVR-CVI hot stamp machine decorate?

The ULTIMAX-A can decorate both plastic and aluminum closures in both both cylindrical and conical formats. This is a strong example of the type of decoration support that CER provides the wine and spirits markets.  CER also provides machines, supplies and services to decorate wine and spirits bottles.

What is the ULTIMAX A-CVR-CVI hot stamp machine?

The ULTIMAX A-CVR-CVI is a high-speed, multi-function hot stamp machine with an innovative modular design. The ULTIMAX´s patented modular design makes it possible to decorate multiple areas on a single part or to apply multi-colored, layered decoration.


What are the main features of the ULTIMAX hot stamp machine?

1. Superior Decoration
Capable of decorating multiple areas on a single part or of delivering layered, multi-color decoration, the ULTIMAX achieves with a single system tasks that would otherwise require multiple systems – without sacrificing speed. This single system solution with integrated quality control and registration systems, saves space, time and expense.

2. High Speed
The ULTIMAX is capable of printing of speeds of up to 8,000 parts per hour – 50% faster than comparable systems.

3. Modular Design – Superior Flexibility
The patented, innovative modular design of the ULTIMAX allows for a wide range of options to best accommodate unique application requirements.  As a single system able to efficiently address a wider range of needs, the ULTIMAX can decorate up to 90% of existing cosmetic parts/packages.

4. User-Friendly Interface
The ULTIMAX features a highly intuitive interface for enhance efficiency and is designed for easy use by non-expert technicians. Embedded manuals and key documents enable simplified troubleshooting via the touch screen.

5. Integrated Quality Control
The advanced vision system provides highly accurate, automated quality control performance while reducing labor costs.

What additional options are available with the ULTIMAX-A?

A wide range of additional options are available for the ULTIMAX-A including:

  • Second Foil Advance Option
  • Servo-Driven Silicone Roller Option
  • Servo-Driven Direct stamping head
  • Servo-Driven Conical stamping head
  • Servo-Driven Tipper stamping head

What products and services does CER offer for wine, spirits and liquor packaging decoration?


CER provides everything a wine, liquor or spirits brand or supplier could need for product decoration. Our services range from concept support through completed product handling. We have a wide range of systems, supplies and services uniquely tailored to supporting wine, spirit and liquor products.


What types of spirits, wine and liquor brands and suppliers does CER work with?

For over 50 years CER has partnered with many of the world’s leading spirit, wine and liquor brands as well as top industry suppliers.

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