Pencil Decoration

Hot Stamp Decoration on Cosmetic and Writing Pens/Pencils at Market Leading Speeds


Pencil Decoration: What kinds of pens and pencils can be decorated with hot stamp machines?

How is pencil decoration typically achieved? Plastic and wood pens/pencils are frequently decorated with hot stamp or heat transfer machines. This includes both cosmetic pencils (like lip or eye liner) as well as writing implements (like pens or pencils).


What types of products does the MC hot stamp machine decorate?

The MC decorates cylindrical pencils made of either plastic or aluminum. Cosmetic pencils or writing implements are common applications.

What is the MC hot stamp machine?

The flexible, reliable MC applies hot stamp or heat transfer decoration to pencils at industry leading speeds.

What is the difference between hot stamp and heat transfer decoration?

While the processes behind hot stamp and heat transfer decoration are very similar, there are a few important visual and process distinctions.

Visual Distinction

Colors are the main visual distinction between hot stamp and heat transfer images.

Multi-Color Decoration – Heat Transfer

Hot stamp typically involves using a single color foil whereas heat transfer decoration uses pre-printed foil with multi-color images also called “image foils”.

Premium Metallic Decoration – Hot Stamp

Hot stamp is superior at delivering quality decoration in metallic colors.

Process Distinction

While hot stamp and heat transfer decoration processes are very similar, a difference can be seen in the dies used. Stamping  hot stamp foils requires a die engraved with artwork. For heat transfers, only a flat plate or a silicone roller is needed.


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What are the main features of the MC hot stamp machine?

1. Superior Reliability
80% less downtime than comparable sequential systems
Continuous movement system provides significantly improved reliability at high speeds.

2. Superior Flexibility
Three tooling sets allow the system to be compatible with 90% of cylindrical writing tools
Dramatically reduces cost for new part decoration.

3. Extremely High Speed
Up to 12,000 parts per hour
Cost effective solution for high volume production


Additional Features

Additional features of the MC hot stamp or heat transfer machine include:

  • Spring Foil Tension
  • Feeding Sinus Wave


What products and services does CER offer for pencil decoration?


CER provides everything a cosmetic or writing implement brand or supplier could need for product decoration. Our services range from concept support through completed product handling. We have a wide range of systems, supplies and services uniquely tailored to supporting cosmetic brands.

CER also provides a range of consumable supplies – optimized for performance in the MC machine. These supplies include magnetic and standard stamping dies, silicone rollers and hot stamp foils.



What types of cosmetic and writing implement brands and suppliers does CER work with?

For over 50 years CER has partnered with many of the world’s leading cosmetic and writing implement brands as well as top industry suppliers.


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