Fully Automated Glass Decoration

TRIGLASS is a flexible, versatile system for automated decoration of regular and irregular glass surfaces.The patented support system used in the TRIGLASS allows the system to be strong enough to safely provide large area glass decoration. The system´s flexibility also allows it to print small parts.


TRIGLASS can decorate at speeds of up to 2,500 parts per hour- twice the printing speed of semi-automated systems. A special double silicone roller allows for printing in two areas or in two colors.


Large Decoration on Irregular Surfaces

Printing heigth of up to 240mm on a Ø130 mm bottle

Patented design for object support tolerates the high stamping pressure needed for large area decoration.

Fully Automated

Increased output without the need for additional operators

Up to 2,500 parts per hour. Twice the printing speed of semi-automated lines.

Double Silicone Roller

Compatible with 30% more parts’ shapes than comparable systems

Print two different areas, in two colors.

Additional Features

  • Optional Second Foil Advance
  • Servo-Driven Silicone Roller

  • Remote Assistance
  • Electropneumatic Foil Tension
  • Mechanical or Optical Registration


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Technical Overview

Technical Overview
Common Applications Spirit and perfume bottles
Substrate Compatibility Glass
Shape Compatibility Cylindrical, flat, curved
Number of Colors 1-2(optional)
Registration Yes
Handling Exterior “between ends”
Silicone Roller Yes
Heat Transfer Optional

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