Semi Automatic Hot Stamp System for Glass Bottle Decoration

Flexibility to accommodate a range of products

The N240 machine is a versatile semi-automatic machine designed to print using rolling or vertical stamping on a variety of glass bottle shapes including  cylindrical, square, and oval.

  • Three servo driven motors ensure perfect motion synchronization
  • Silicone roller allows for 360 degree cylindrical object decoration.
  • Flexibility for use on flat or slightly shaped surfaces
  • Certified for CE European safety standards with front light curtain for operator safety.
Decoration on Round, Polygonal and Oval Glass Fragrance Bottles

Simplified servo driven design provides fast changeovers and superior flexibility

  • Decorate cylindrical parts, flat bottles or part radiuses.
  • Equipped with a complete handling system, including a servo driven walking beam (type pick & place) with grippers for loading and unloading from glass dedicated conveyors.
  • Mainframe and all supporting elements designed for superior performance at high speeds.
  • Tooling has a cylindrical end with a flat square to allow perfect repositioning in both axial and angular positions. Assembly and disassembly are extremely fast and error-free.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
Conical cosmetic containers (such as mascara and lip gloss)
  • Available in basic or full-feature versions.
  • Integrated control cabinet that synchronizes with a touch-screen interface to control printing parameters.
  • Programmable vertical stroke adjustable from 0 to 60 mm with 0,005 mm accuracy.
  • Servo motors control printing speed, product rotation, die contact and stroke with extreme accuracy.
Mascara and Lipstick Bottle Dispenser


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