Automatic Hot Stamp System for Plastic Personal Care Bottles & Jars

Flexibility and Efficiency in a High-Speed System

Speeds of up to 3,000 parts per hour are possible with the TRIAX, representing a 30% increase on the speeds of comparable systems. Superior durability, highly intuitive user interface and integrated vision systems for quality control make the TRIAX a well-rounded solution.

Our TRIAX is equipped with:

  • Supply and delivery conveyor belts into and out of the front of the machine with part separating device
  • M2N pick and place loader in transverse orientation
  • Servo driven linear main axis
  • Between centres part holder with part inflation capability
  • Servo driven part support with rollers
  • M2N pick and place un-loader
  • Modem
  • Camera CVI-L color with selective part delivery

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Hot stamping on Round, Polygonal and Oval Glass Fragrance Bottles

Simplified servo driven design provides fast changeovers and superior flexibility

  • Decorate cylindrical parts, flat bottles or part radiuses.
  • Equipped with a complete handling system, including a servo driven walking beam (type pick & place) with grippers for loading and unloading from glass dedicated conveyors.
  • Mainframe and all supporting elements designed for superior performance at high speeds.
  • Tooling has a cylindrical end with a flat square to allow perfect repositioning in both axial and angular positions. Assembly and disassembly are extremely fast and error-free.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface

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Hot stamping on Round, Polygonal and More …. Cosmetic caps

Advanced Technology with Shape Learning for Precision High-Speed Decoration of Shaped Parts

The QUADRAX is the market-leader in accurate, high-speed decoration of shaped parts. The highly flexible system can decorate up to 99% of shaped part types. Integrated advanced shape learning technology provides highly repeatable precision decoration at high-speeds.

Superior understanding of true part shape allows for decoration of shaped parts at speeds up to 2,800 parts per hour- 40% faster than comparable systems. It also allows for 2x faster setting selection. QUADRAX systems are also widely known for their durability and reliability. Systems can run for over 20 years!

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