Semi-Automatic Solution for Large Area Decoration on Glass

The N240 is a versatile, semi-automatic system for glass decoration. The N240 features four printing modes (cylindrical, flat rolling, radius rolling and direct stamping) making in compatible with a wide range of parts


The highly efficient system provides production speeds of up to 1,000 parts per hour are possible with fast changeovers, highly repeatable settings and intuitive user interface.


The system safely delivers 3x the force of a traditional stamping system, allowing it to provide large artwork decoration in a single pass.


Fast Changeovers + Highly Repeatable Settings

Servo driven equipment

90% of settings registered. Production changes easily accommodated.


A single system for a wide range of parts

Cylindrical parts from 70mm to 450mm, other parts 50mm to 450mm.

Simplified Tooling

Fast and inexpensive production changeovers

Universal tooling for cylindrical parts.

Simple Interface

Intuitive interface is easy to use

Designed for easy use by non-expert technicians. Embedded manuals and key documents enable simplified troubleshooting via the touch screen.

Single Pass Decoration

Print large artwork with one pass

3x the stamping strength of standard systems makes large area decoration possible

Additional Features

  • Optional Second Foil Advance
  • Servo-Driven Silicone Roller / Direct Stamping Head Interchangeable

  • Remote Assistance
  • Electropneumatic Foil Tension


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Technical Overview

Technical Overview
Common Applications Spirit and perfume bottles
Substrate Compatibility Glass
Shape Compatibility Cylindrical, flat, curved
Number of Colors 1 – 2 (optional)
Registration Optional
Handling Flexible support rollers
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