Safety Packages

Safety Guard Packages have several key advantages:

  • Enhance safety of entire production environment
  • Increase operator efficiency
  • Upgrade our standard Two-Hand Anti-Tie Down with one of our safety guard packages


Basic Safety Package

  • Interlocked safety doors on the left, right and rear prevent coworkers from reaching into the system
  • Unobstructed access for setup, changeovers or maintenance

Premium Safety Package

  • Basic Safety Package with incorporated light curtain
  • Allows the operator to activate the system with a single start button
  • Operators have both hands free to safely perform additional tasks while the decoration occurs

Optional Lexan Top

  • Helps to keep dust and debris away from your decorating process
Tooling Positioning Tables

9″ x 12″ X-Y and X-Y-R Versions Available ± 1.25″ of X Adjustment ±1.5″ of Y Adjustment ±2.5° of R Adjustment Repeatable micro-sdjustments for precise alignment of the nesting fixture to the stamping die Locking mechanism ensures your setup doesn’t get inadvertently moved

Broken Foil or Label Detection:

Allows the system to detect if the foil or label is broken (or runs out) and prevent further cycling until addressed.

Low Foil or Label Detection:

Alerts the operator when the supply roll of foil or labels is getting low.

Combination Caster / Leveling Foot

Combines the flexibility to easily move your system (without needing a forklift) with the ability to securely set and level it once in location.