Flexibility and Efficiency in a High-Speed Hot Stamp System

The flexible TRIAX is well-known in the cosmetic industry for high-speed application of even complex artwork on cylindrical and conical products. Featuring a patented conical device permitting greater percentage of conical part decoration than had previously been possible, the TRIAX provides unmatched flexibility. In fact, the mono mandrel system with multiple settings is compatible with up to 90% of all cosmetic parts and products.


Speeds of up to 4,000 parts per hour are possible with the TRIAX, representing a 30% increase on the speeds of comparable systems. Superior durability, highly intuitive user interface and integrated vision systems for quality control make the TRIAX a well-rounded solution.


There are three different models of TRIAX technology to best accommodate specific user needs. If you have specific requirements beyond the parameters of these models, please read more about our excellent automation capabilities.


Superior Flexibility

Capable of decorating up to 90% of cosmetic parts/packaging

Flexible system with patented interchangeable conical device and numerous setting provides unprecedented flexibility in compatible substrates.

Superior Decoration

Highly-repeatable decoration-even with complex artwork

Capable of placing complex decoration on challenging geometries such as double or convex conical parts, or parts requiring parallel or layered colors.

Superior Durability

Systems known to run for over 12 years!

Availability, performance and quality combine to provide superior Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

High Speed

30% higher speeds vs comparable equipment

Achieves production goals much faster.

Intuitive Interface

Extremely user friendly

Designed for easy use by non-expert technicians. Embedded manuals and key documents enable simplified troubleshooting via the touch screen.

Integrated Advanced Vision Control System

Eliminate need for labor investment in quality control

Seamless integration of advanced vision control systems provides superior accuracy and efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Simplified Tooling Change
  • Mechanical or Optical Registration
  • Electropneumatic (AFIC) Foil Tension
  • Servo-Driven Rewinding

  • High Precision
  • Remote Assistance
  • Touch Screen
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Cleaning System

  • Second Foil Advance Option
  • Integrated Vision System – Quality Control


Learn more about TRIAX technology

Technical Specifications

There are three different models of TRIAX technology to best accommodate specific user needs.

TRIAX Comparison Table
Common Applications Cosmetic and spirit caps Mascara and lipstick containers, cosmetic pencils, writing tools Shampoo bottles, jars, perfumes
Substrate Compatibility Plastic, aluminum Plastic, aluminum Plastic, aluminum
Shape Compatibility Cylindrical Cylindrical, conical Cylindrical
Registration N/A Mechanical / sensor Mechanical / sensor
Number of Colors 1 1-2(optional) 1-2(optional)
Handling Mandrel Mandrel Exterior support (Between Ends)
Quality Control N/A Optional Optional
Cleaning System Optional Optional Optional
Heat Transfer Optional Optional Optional
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