Decoration of Alcohol Packaging

Hot Stamp Decoration for Spirit, Wine and Liquor Packaging


Decoration of Alcohol Packaging:
How is hot stamp decoration used spirits, wine and liquor packaging?










Decoration of alcohol packaging is often achieved with hot stamp technology.

Hot Stamp equipment is often used to apply decoration, branding and general information such as ingredient lists – on spirits, liquor and wine packaging. Decoration is applied to both glass bottles as well as to aluminum and plastic closures.

What is unique or special about decorating on spirits, wine and liquor packaging?

Like in most markets, liquor, wine, spirits brands and their suppliers require repeatable, efficient, high quality decoration. Due to the competitive nature of the wine, liquor and spirits market- high end visual impact is also required.

In the past glass manufacturers and glass contract decorators had to rely on highly expensive decorating process to apply real gold and platinum to their spirit bottles to achieve “luxury” visual appeal.

Today, CER has made it possible to achieve this same strong visual impact at a fraction of the cost. What´s more- we can also provide a wide range of additional metalized colors to help brands differentiate themselves.


What kind of hot stamp decoration is possible on bottles?

Hot stamp decoration can provide spirit, wine and liquor bottles with a premium look and strong visual impact. Up to 360 degree decoration can be applied to square, round and oval bottles in sizes ranging from smaller travel containers to large bottles.

What kind of hot stamp decoration is possible on closures?

CER provides hot stamp decoration on both the tops and sides of spirit and liquor closures. Up to 360 degree decoration is applied to both aluminum closures (in coated formats) and to plastic closures (in both coated and uncoated formats). An optional top embossing system is also available to enhance the product.

What products and services does CER offer for wine, spirits and liquor packaging decoration?




CER provides everything a wine, liquor or spirits brand or supplier could need for product decoration. Our services range from concept support through completed product handling. We have a wide range of systems, supplies and services uniquely tailored to supporting wine, spirit and liquor products.


What type of hot stamp equipment does CER provide for FULLY-automated glass bottle decoration?

CER´s innovative Triglass hot stamping machine provides fully automated large area decoration on both regular and irregular glass surfaces. The unique double-silicone roller provides enhanced speeds of up to 2,500 parts per hours as well as the ability to print in two areas or in two colors.


What type of hot stamp equipment does CER provide for SEMI-automated glass bottle decoration?

CER´s N240 Hot Stamp Equipment is  tailored to provide single pass, large area decoration for semi-automated lines. The N240 is a versatile system compatible with a wide range of different container shapes and sizes.


What type of hot stamp equipment does CER provide for closure decoration?

The Ultimax is CER´s well-respected solution for high speed, multi-function cap decoration. It´s patented modular design provides the ability to decorate multiple areas on a single part or apply layered, multi-colored decoration. What truly stands out about this system is that can decorate up to 8,000 parts per hour – which is nearly 50% faster than similar systems available in the market.


What types of hot stamp supplies does CER offer?

CER produce supplies with market-leading precision ensuring you highly repeatable decoration  print-after-print. Our dies, fixture/tooling sets, foils, rollers and sheets are widely considered best-in-class. We have also developed a specialty screen printing primer specifically for hot stamp decoration on glass.

Why is primer needed for hot stamping on glass?

Hot stamp decoration on glass containers requires the application of a screen print primer. This primer is what the hot stamp foil adheres to. Poor primer application or improper primer curing has a significant negative effect on visual impact. CER offers a specialized screen-print primer ink as well as advanced expertise to ensure this process is perfectly and seamlessly integrated into your line.


What is unique about CER´s glass printing primer?

Our screen print primer has been specially formulated to optimize hot stamping performance on glass containers. It can be laid down with precision at high speeds, ensuring superior foil adhesion and quality visual impact. We offer both brown and grey colored primers for gold and silver foil respectively. CER also offers a range of additives to ensure performance is optimized for your unique application. We can match any color pantone or use our software to make your own color selection.


What kind of special screen print primer expertise and services does CER provide?

We go a step further than offering a specialized screen print primer.

Our deep familiarity with the entire decoration process allows us to provide expert insights into the types of additives (to harden, thicken or dilute) that will provide optimal performance on your application.

We also provide expert insights into identifying specific settings (like curing intensity and hot stamp printing temperature) that will ensure superior adhesion for your unique application.

In addition to providing a highly specialized primer and expert advice in how to best use in your application, we have very close relationships with leading screen print technology providers. We can work with them to seamlessly integrate the screen print process with your hot stamping process for a total decorating solution.

What types of spirits, wine and liquor brands and suppliers does CER work with?

For over 50 years CER has partnered with many of the world’s leading spirit, wine and liquor brands as well as top industry suppliers.

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