Hot Stamp Decoration on Cosmetic Wands and Pencils

Superior decoration on mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, lip and eye liner pencils



Hot Stamp Decoration on Cosmetic Wands and Pencils


CER provides total solutions for hot stamp decoration on cosmetic wands and pencils. We provide hot stamp machines, supplies, and services specially designed for use on mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, and cosmetic pencils such as lipliner and eyeliner.



CER equipment is used to apply decoration, branding, and ingredient lists onto cosmetic packaging.


Mascara & Lip Gloss

Decoration of mascara or lip gloss requires great precision as very small text and graphics are precisely applied to a curved surface at speeds of up to 3000 units per hour. CER is widely considered a global pioneer in the decoration of mascara and lip-gloss containers.

A wide range of different tube shapes can be decorated, including:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Crystal shard
  • Polygonal
  • Oval
  • Tapered
  • Multi-diameter
  • Conical


Eye and Lipliner Pencils
cosmetic pencil

CER provides options for up to 360 degree continuous and non-continuous product decoration of makeup crayon applications. Speeds of up to 7,000 pph are possible on a streamlined, highly efficient machine like the MC model working in continuous motion.


CER helps lipstick brands stand out with high-impact decoration of both the cap and base of lipstick tubes. Our systems allow users to quickly switch between formats (say square and round tubes) with integrated quality control to ensure perfect results.

CER machines decorate:

  • Round tubes
  • Square tubes
  • Oval tubes


CER is proud to offer four different systems capable of applying highly repeatable decoration on mascara, lip gloss, and lipstick containers as well as on cosmetic pencils. Our DIAX F, QUADRAX F, TRIAX F, and ULTIMAX F systems are each capable of applying single or 2-colored 360-degree decoration on plastic or aluminum containers. The DIAX, TRIAX and ULTIMAX systems can decorate cylindrical or conical-shaped pieces.

We can look at the key features of each of these machines in a bit more detail.


The simple and highly efficient DIAX system is an industry mainstay for cost-effective, high-speed decoration.

A highly efficient solution, the DIAX is up to 40% more cost-effective and 30% less bulky than comparable systems. The DIAX his also known to be highly reliable – some systems have been running for over 25 years.



The QUADRAX F applies advanced “shape learning” technology to provide high-speed, precision decoration of shaped parts.
The QUADRAX is a high-speed solution, as much as 40% faster than comparable systems with fast setting selection.
The versatility of the QUADRAX allows it to decorate 99% of shaped parts including those with square corners.


The TRIAX provides superior decoration- even with complex artwork. The system is designed to excel with the decoration of challenging geometries – such as double or convex conical parts as well as with parts that require parallel or layered colors.

The system also combines high speeds with high flexibility. The Triax offers up to 30% higher speeds vs comparable equipment and can decorate 90% of cosmetic packaging.


The ULTIMAX provides multi-functional decoration at industry-leading speeds. The system is capable of decorating multiple areas on a single part or of delivering layered, multi-color decoration. This allows the ULTIMAX to achieve with a single system tasks that would otherwise require multiple systems – without sacrificing speed.

The ULTIMAX is a high-speed system, capable of decorating 8,000 parts per hour-50% faster than comparable hot stamp systems. The patented modular design of the ULITMAX and the unprecedented variety of options it provides,  allows it to more precisely meet the needs of each application. The ULTIMAX can decorate up to 90% of existing cosmetic parts/packages.



In addition to these highly flexible systems- capable of decorating mascara, lipgloss, lipstick, and cosmetic pencil applications, CER also offers a system specially designed for pencil decoration. The MC provides precision decoration on plastic or wood cosmetic pencils. 360-degree, 1 or 2-color decoration can be applied to plastic or wood cosmetic pencils at speeds of up to 9,000 parts per hour. The highly reliable MC machine provides 80% less downtime than comparable sequential systems and is compatible with 90% of cylindrical cosmetic pencils.


Equipment Options

CER understands that each project is unique and offers a wide variety of equipment options to meet every type of requirement. Our customers can choose between custom, inventory, second-hand, rental, and retrofit systems to best meet their unique needs.


Supporting Products

CER also offers a number of additional products for cosmetic packaging decoration. Our integrated quality control systems ensure the delivery of perfectly printed parts.


FCM 600

Our user-friendly FCM 600 cuts all types of hot stamping foil (up to 300m in length) with ease. Our integrated quality control systems ensure the delivery of perfectly printed parts.


SF 600

The SF600 is a product-feeding machine carefully designed for optimal performance with mascara and lip gloss applications. The design of the SF600 ensures that the aesthetic integrity of even fragile containers in dark colors is maintained while feeding at speeds of up to 6,000 parts per hour. The single chassis features a large tank which minimizes the need for frequent refilling. Integrated touch screen and available training simplify use. The system is certified for CE European safety standards.


Vision Systems

Our integrated quality control systems ensure the delivery of perfectly printed parts.



Hot Stamp Decoration on cosmetic wands and pencils goes beyond machines. Top supplies are also needed. CER produces supplies with market-leading precision ensuring you highly repeatable decoration print-after-print. Our dies, fixture/tooling sets, foils, rollers, and sheets are widely considered best-in-class. Our precision color-matching skills are often of great service to cosmetic brands and their suppliers.


trusted partner

One of the things that make CER stand out is that we are simply not an “order in, order out” company.

CER experts have deep expertise in the entire product decoration process and will work carefully with you from start to finish (from system installation and training and beyond) to ensure that your product decoration is streamlined and optimized for your needs.

Our services include helping you identify an ideal decorating solution for your unique application, art development, creation of custom fixtures, dies and tooling, foil slitting and Pantone color matching, and technical support as well as superior training and performance audits.


Our Customers

For over 50 years CER has partnered with many of the world’s leading cosmetic brands as well as top industry suppliers.

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