Hot Stamp For Blow-Molded Plastic Bottles

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Hot Stamp for Blow-Molded Plastic Bottles: How is it used?


Hot Stamp and heat transfer machines often apply decoration, branding, and general information – such as ingredient lists and instructions onto plastic personal care bottles. Graphics, logos, and text can be applied to round, oval, and square-shaped bottles. Both hot stamp and heat transfer systems can apply highly repeatable, durable, precision decoration on blow-molded plastic bottles. 


Common Applications

Hot stamp decoration is well-suited for decorating a wide range of personal care items, including shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and shower gel bottles.


CER: Total Solution Provider

CER provides everything a personal care brand or supplier could need for product decoration. Our services range from concept support to completed product handling. We have a wide range of machines, supplies, and services uniquely tailored to support cosmetic products.


– Hot Stamp & Heat Transfer Equipment

The TRIAX provides superior decoration on blow-molded plastic bottles- even with complex artwork. The system design excels in decorating parts with challenging geometries or pieces that require parallel or layered colors.

The TRIAX also combines high speeds with high flexibility.

Speeds of up to 4,000 parts per hour are available. In context, that is roughly 30% faster than the speeds provided by comparable alternative equipment.

And this speed comes with unmatched flexibility. The flexible TRIAX can decorate up to 90% of personal care packaging.

The TRIAX system can be equipped with our integrated quality control systems, ensuring the delivery of perfectly printed parts.


     *Equipment Options

CER understands that each project is unique and offers a wide variety of equipment options to meet every type of requirement. Our customers can choose custom, inventory, second-hand, rental, and retrofit systems to best meet their unique needs.


– Supplies

The market-leading precision of CER supplies ensures highly repeatable decoration print-after-print. Our dies, fixture/tooling sets, foils, rollers, and sheets are best-in-class. Our precision color-matching skills in foils are often of great service to cosmetic brands and their suppliers.
     *Superior Foils

CER has been providing quality hot stamping foils for more than 25 years. We are proud of our reputation as a global industry leader in high-impact, high-performance foils for decorating a wide range of products.



Hot stamp engraved brass dies

CER offers standard and custom silicone rubber dies in flat, multi-level, and contoured formats. Single and dual durometer options are available with machine engraving.

We also offer brass metal dies in flat, dual-level, and contoured formats. Our metal dies provide superior durability, heat recovery, and compatibility with challenging substrates.

– Services

CER hot stamp printing

One of the things that makes CER stand out is that we are not an “order in, order out” company.

Our experts have deep expertise in the entire product decoration process. They work carefully with you from start to finish- from system installation to training and beyond- to ensure your product decoration is streamlined and optimized for your needs.

Our services include
– helping you identify the ideal decorating solution for your unique application
– expert art development
– the creation of custom fixtures, dies, and tooling,
– foil slitting and Pantone color matching
– technical support, and
– superior training and performance audits.


CER is proud to partner with many of the world’s leading personal care brands and top industry suppliers. Here is a quick look at some of the leading brands that use CER technology for plastic bottle decoration.

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